Congratulations: Here are your 2022 teams!


Claire DeWine, Olivia Chojnacki, Brooke Jones, Payton Stroud, Sophie Jones, Marjorie Johnson, Mariana Tovar, Julia Burch, Makenzie Weddel, Ella Lewis, Bella Haden, Abigail Lewis, Mia Zepeda, Molly Tuozzo, Caroline Box, Alyssa Stroud, Cameron McDaniel


Kendyl Burgess, Isadora Figueiredo, Ava Claire Gibbs, Claire Hudgens, Megan Johnson, Sophie Mathay, Maggie McWhorter, Alyna Qazi, Keena Merriweather, Arden Blake, Jordan Lotts

Freshman Red

Alexandra Bespaly, Kylie Cantelupe, Reese Depoy, Yasmin Ismailova, Cassidy Jordan, Elizabeth Martin, Alexis Massey, Kathleen Oed, Marlee Price, Madelyn Butler, Elaine Alvarez, Renata Millan

Freshman Green

Amerie Alexander, Sitara Arakere, Madeline Barham, Sara Johnson, Meghan Manley, Bailey Mitchen, Amelia Quelly, Mariah Young, Sofia Vanags-Louredo, Alaysia Gardner-Rounds


2022 Tryouts

Location: TWHS Main Campus Gym

Monday & Tuesday: 7:00am-10:00AM & 12:00pm-2:00pm
Teams will be posted Tuesday evening.

JV & Varsity Team Practice:
Wednesday & Thursday: 4:00pm-6:00pm

Freshman Practices have not been scheduled yet. Hoping to schedule them around lunch on Wednesday & Thursday.  More information will be sent out and posted on the website as soon as available.

For team results please visit our website on Tuesday evening: 


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Presentation from Parent Info Night Meeting on May, 11th

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Volleyball: Save the Dates

Please click here to see all the important dates for the upcoming season for:

  • Spring Booster Club Meeting
  • Future Highlander Camps
  • Freshman Summer League
  • Freshman Camp
  • Returners Camp
  • Tryout information
  • Physicals.


Local News

2021/2022 News

August, 14th: The Woodlands wins John Turner Classic once again!

August 2nd: The Woodlands looks to reload after key graduations: full article